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A Piece of Cake Book by Peta Peace
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Fabulous clear instructions.

Spot on cutting instructions.

Great for both beginners and intermediate quilters. Very clear instructions and filled with tips and clear instructions by Peta Peace, a wonderfully skilled quilt designer.

Mix simple piecing with 10" Layer Cakes plus your favorite background fabrics. Gorgeous cheerful You’ll love the cheerful colors and innovative designs - and 14 all-new patterns.

Transform your Layer Cake collection into intricate-looking designs that are actually easy to stitch—Peta Peace’s tips will help you start and finish like a pro!

80 pages

I'm a bit hooked, (and I've only done a mini). Imagine how cray cray happy I'll be with a full size quilt. Which is coming right up. (I've already opened the Amy Butler layer cake).

(Second photo credit to Down Grapevine lane. The first crafter to kick off the book tour.

Third photo, from the author herself.

Fourth photo is a mini, the pattern of which is on page 37 of the book.

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