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Bag Labels


High quality labels designed to decorate your bag, purse, pouch or wallet and take it to the next level. Let's hear it for bag bling.

Brag about your handmade bag, and show quality and style at the same time. 1 piece per package.

Free post if added to other items.

Rectangle Gunmetal 13.5 mm (9/16in) x 38 mm (1-1/2in)

Rectangle Nickel 10 mm (3/8in) x 36 mm (1-3/8in)

Handmade with Bird Antique Brass 13.5mm (9/16in) x 38 mm (1-1/2in)
Handmade with Bird Nickel 13.5 mm (9/16in) x 38 mm (1-1/2in). Not pictured, but lovely. Same dimensions as previous photo and same finish as second photo. Phwee!

Small rectangle Gunmetal 10mm (3/8in) x 36 mm (1-3/8in)

Small rectangle Antique Brass finish 10mm (3/8in) x 36 mm (1-3/8in). Also not pictured.

Oval Nickel 12.5 mm (1/2in) x 39 mm (1-1/2in)

Oval Gunmetal 12.5 mm (1/2in) x 39 mm (1-1/2in). Not pictured.