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Classes Marg Sampson George August 2017

by Marg Sampson George


Soooo pleased.

I love this woman. Her style, her grace, her ability to speak to the fabric. I am not making that up. She sort of whispers, and it magically whispers back, and then the magic happens.

We have the luxury of having MSG back in da house, in August 2017.

Your class fee includes two days of tuition, coffee, tea and a catered lunch.

There is simply no nicer way to spend some time. You will be offered a range of projects to choose from. Just bring a good chunk of fabric from your stash - and the rest organically forms around you. (Be assured I will provide much more specificity of requirements well before your class dates).

Classes capped at 8. Simply lovely in every way.


And the important and unpleasant topic of money and cancellations. Our classes have limited spaces, and there is often more interest than places. For this reason PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, check the dates before you book and be positively-sure (in an absolute YES way) you will be able to come. Class bookings are final and cancellations or inability to come will result in forfeit of payment. It seems terribly harsh, but we need to be fair to everyone who has shown an interest. Obviously we are human and genuine emergencies will be treated with compassion, but please be sure at the time of booking