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Cotton Factory Revolution 2017..........A Weekend of Sewing Fun & Friendship.


Ready for a winter craft weekend? #cottonfactoryrevolution

Hand stitching? Fun? Food AND wall to wall TALENT? (And I suspect you will get to meet a whole bunch of social media friends, in real life!)

After a most riotous 2016 event, it's time to warm up your engines for 2017.

A full two days this time. (Let's face it, a day and a half was nowhere near long enough).

This is a long post, so make a beverage and settle in.

Last year was the inaugural Cotton Factory Unplugged. Not nearly enough places as it turned out.

This year I have expanded the number of tickets available but am keeping a format that will ensure it will still be personal.

I have also built in a lot more stitching time this year, so you can natter and stitch and make nice with your fellow social media buddies for much longer.

The price? Yeah that's more than doubled. I know - pain in the craft budget. But a bigger well lit venue needs cold hard cash thrown in it's general direction.

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June. (That's a long weekend in Victoria, so we will have an open house at Cotton Factory on Monday 12th June, for anyone who wants to make the most of their time in beautiful Ballarat).

These are the tutors who will already be part of it. (And I may have a couple more up my sleeve). They offer such talent and diversity of style I am pumped just thinking about being with them all - not to mention sharing them with you.

Wendy Gleeson (Long Armer quilter extraordinarie)

Jenny Bacon (International Quilt Judge and amazing maker).

Sharon Burgess (EPP Queen, teacher and pattern designer)

Jodie Carleton (Language coach. She also makes toys).

Kate Henderson (Author and Dressmaker)

Peta Peace (Quilt Designer for Moda)

I have secured a gorgeous light filled space called The Pavillion.

Round tables - all the better for connecting! Fabulous. For those who have a portable stitching light, I encourage you to bring it - as we never really have enough light for handstitching.

Very detailed venue info will be emailed to you after you have enrolled.

Here's our working format:


Event Times: Sat and Sun 10 - 4:00pm.
Location: The Pavillion.
Coffee/Tea provided during the day.
Morning tea, Lunch and afternoon tea provided.

Plenty of presentations throughout the day, and plenty of time built in for hand stitching and chatting.

Dinner on Saturday night will be at an external venue, at your own cost. Details will be provided separately. Entirely optional.

Sunday Breakfast - a group booking will be made at a local café. with attendees making their own breakfast selections, at your own cost. Details also to be provided separately.

All attendees will receive a goodie bag bursting with whatever delights I decide between now and then.

I will follow up individually to provide travel and accommodation info to anyone who may need it.

Any questions, please get in touch.

EMAIL: alisonvonbibra@hotmail.com
(use REVOLUTION in the subject line).

TEXT: 0434 600 817

Phwee. If you had made it all the way down here well done - and I hope we see you soon.

If you would please leave a comment in your booking about whether you are likely to attend the dinner and breakfast, that would be most helpful for my planning purposes.


Bookings are not refundable. Please be entirely sure that you are able to attend.