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Horsing Around Class with Unicorns

by Jodie Carleton

$100.00 / Sold Out

Jodie Carleton is a toy maker.
Jodie lives in Ballarat.
She swears a lot.
She designs and makes toys like no-one else.
Since opening the Cotton Factory Studio, I have gotten to know Jodie, (as I stock her patterns and she teaches for me). In short. Jodie and I have become good friends. She know's her way around Craftland and has been incredibly generous in sharing information.
And then every now and again, just when I think she cannot exceed the joy and cleverness of her previous toy pattern, she bangs it clean out of the park. Again. And Again.
Hello to our Equestrian friends. Jodie has agreed to teach this class. Choose horses or unicorns. (Decision, decisions!)
Your fee includes tuition, pattern, extensive notes, café coffee and a catered lunch.
I will have a range of fully ready kits available for purchase, and will make contact with each of you about which dude/duduette you would like to make before the class.
Sat 18th March, 9:30am - 3:30pm.
Necessities will be a sewing machine, in good working order, all your usual sewing supplies, a sense of humour, sensible shoes and an equestrian kit, (which I will be in touch with you about). Kit cost circa $40.


And the important and unpleasant topic of money and cancellations. Our classes have limited spaces, and there is often more interest than places. For this reason PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, check the dates before you book and be positively-sure (in an absolute YES way) you will be able to come. Class bookings are final and cancellations or inability to come will result in forfeit of payment. It seems terribly harsh, but we need to be fair to everyone who has shown an interest. Obviously we are human and genuine emergencies will be treated with compassion, but please be sure at the time of booking.